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Book published from The Falklands and South Georgia

14 February 2016

Ever since purchasing my first camera in December 2011, it had been a dream of mine to travel to the Polar Regions to witness and photograph the incredible scenery and diverse wildlife of a land less trodden. On reading an article in the Daily Telegraph by photographer Mark Carwardine, I discovered South Georgia. Mark wrote,

“If I had one day left on Earth – and could spend it anywhere – I’d choose a particularly wild and windswept beach on the remote sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. It’s called St Andrews Bay.”

After reading these words, I was sold and a few weeks later found myself booked on a 20 day cruise on-board M/V Plancius, an 89 metre expedition boat with a capacity for 114 crew. Originally built for the Dutch Royal Navy in 1976, the boat was fully refurbished and ice strengthened in 2009 and would act as the perfect tool for navigating South Atlantic Ocean. She would also take with her 10 Zodiac inflatable boats that would be deployed each day to allow us to land ashore and also explore our surroundings from the water. It was to be a trip of a lifetime!

I’m now delighted to announce that my self-published book ‘The Falkands and South Georgia 2015’ is now available to view and purchase via Blurb.

You can also see a selection of high resolution images from the trip on my National Geographic Your Shot page as well as the screen caps below from my book.

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Written by Philip Field

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