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After 3 years I finally found the ‘King of the Alps’

2 June 2015 | Photography | by Philip Field

Yesterday, whilst hiking the trail from Col des Montets to Station du Lac Blanc in Chamonix, I finally got the shot I’ve been after for around 3 years. I’ve been facinated with mountain Ibex since 2012 but I’ve never witnessed a fully grown male up close. After a whole day out on the mountain, I had seen plenty of Ibex in the distance but had resigned myself to the idea it would be another day where I wouldn’t get the shot I was after. Then, out of no where, a huge male Ibex climbed up the mountainside next to me and stood proud on a rock with Mont Blanc in the background. It was a once in a lifetime shot and a real highlight of my photographic career to photograph the undoubted ‘King of the Alps’.

A large male mountain Ibex standing on rock in front of Mt. Blanc in Chamonix

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Written By Philip Field

Philip Field is a freelance graphic designer and professional photographer based in Bath in the United Kingdom.