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Ensuring consistency through all avenues of your business is the key to producing a strong and effective brand. From your logo through to your website, print material, imagery, vehicles and uniform, everything needs to sing harmoniously from the same hymn sheet.

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Branding example with Styleclean carpet and upholstery cleaning business

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Why branding is so important to your business?

Branding is a hugely important aspect of any business. Your brand represents who you are and is the first thing most people see. In a world where first impressions are crucial, having an attractive and presentable brand that puts across your core values is essential.

However, branding should not be mistaken for just a logo. Although this is a powerful component of a brand, branding also encompasses your website, printed material, customer service, vehicle livery, photography and much more. It is the sum of all these elements and continuity between all these avenues is the key to a successful brand.

Case study – Styleclean carpet cleaning business

Styleclean (seen illustrated above) is an owner operated carpet and upholstery cleaning company that operates in and around Bicester (near Oxford). The logo is designed to be bold and eye-catching as it will be placed predominantly on the side of a vehicle. The strapline underneath sums up Styleclean as ‘cleaning specialists’ and the tags below this categorise Styleclean as ‘carpet, rug, curtain and upholstery’ cleaners. This provides a clear and concise message to the onlooker as to who and what Styleclean are.

This logo and colour palette then become the driving force for the rest of the business. The company vehicle that will arrive outside the customer’s house and effectively be a moving advertising board promotes this same message. The colour palette matches and the look and feel of the website where the customer has most likely found Styleclean again matches the van. To add confidence in the customer, the vehicle image is displayed clearly on the homepage and again reiterated on printed material such as the compliments slip and magazine advertising. This all creates a consistent and clear message to the customer of a trustworthy and professional business.

The brand experience then continues once the owner is greeted by the customer. From seeing the clean van parked outside, to the branded uniform, name tags, invoice pads, loyalty cards and most importantly the manner in which the work is conducted, all these aspects provide the customer with confidence and reassurance in Styleclean.

I’m here to create not only beautiful but consistent solutions that will make your business shine. Get in touch today on 07538 075784 or drop me an email.

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