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My interview with Professional Photography magazine (Oct 2016)

20 October 2016

It’s always great to be featured in magazines, be it just an image or a more meaty feature like an interview, technical guide or review.

Today, the October issue of Professional Photography magazine landed on my doorstep in which I was interviewed by journalist Natalie Denton on my involvement with the Royal Photographic Society and in particular their photographic distinctions.

Inside the issue, the magazine’s business section takes a look at all the routes an aspiring photographer can take to go from zero to hero with photography education and features a debate about whether photography qualifications are a waste of time and money or something worth getting on-board with. Below is the introductory text and the extract from my feature (The accreditation route) in the 6-page article:


Teach someone to fish… and they’ll never go hungry, as the saying goes. And similarly, when it comes to photography, a good course can set you up for a lifelong career. But which is the right path to further your education? Over the following pages, we take a look at some of the best education and training options around, to help you navigate your way to a brighter future in photography.

The accreditation route

Action photographer and design entrepreneur Philip Field became a member of The Royal Photographic Society after winning a competition in 2014.

Do you think societies like The Royal Photographic Society are worth the investment? “The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) distinctions alone are worth th membership fee. They’re recognised as the most prestigious qualifications in the photographic world. I achieved my ARPS in May 2015 with a panel of 15 black and white images that I shot whilst covering a professional cycling event. The RPS then issued me with bespoke ARPS logos, which I use on all my marketing material. In a highly competitive industry, being able to tell clients that I am a recognized Associate of The Royal Photographic Society gives them an additional level of confidence when booking me for a shoot. Any advantage you can offer is a plus.”

What have you gained as a result of your membership? “Focusing on my Fellowship Distinction (FRPS) has put photography into a new perspective for me. It makes you step back and approach things in a much deeper and more precise way. You need to submit 21 shots, all of which need to be technically spot on, follow a narrative and evoke emotion in the assessors. It forces you to plan a project, research thoroughly, connect with new people, explore new techniques and then, only when the time is right, take the camera out.”

What would you say to those considering joining? “£100 or so is a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of pounds we spend on kit and trips! The distinctions alone are well worth the investment.”

Should you wish to read the entire article as well as the other features in the magazine, you can purchase a copy of the latest Professional Photographer issue here. You can also follow Professional Photography magazine on Facebook at ProPhotoMag, on Twitter @ProPhotoMag and on Instagram @ProfessionalPhotographyMag.

Interested in joining the Royal Photographic Society? Further information on the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), their benefits and becoming a member can be found on their website here.

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Written by Philip Field

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