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Published in Verbier Life magazine (December 2013)

1 December 2013 | Photography, Press Cuttings | by Philip Field

The first in a series of 5 articles for the 2013/14 season where Benoit Albertini interviews and I photograph up and coming riders in the Verbier St-Bernard region for Verbier Life magazine.

For Decemberl 2013 we hooked up with 18 year old Robin Délèze from Verbier, Switzerland who last year competed on the Freeride Juniors Tour and this year will be stepping it up to the Freeride World Qualifiers. As you can see, Robin goes massive off big hits, this one taken in the Tortin region of Verbier.

Verbier Life - Robin Deleze

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Written By Philip Field

Philip Field is a freelance graphic designer and professional photographer based in Bath in the United Kingdom.