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Sir Richard Branson purchases my star trail image

24 April 2013 | Photography, Press Cuttings | by Philip Field

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the Verbier Circus Charity Ball held by Sir Richard Branson on behalf of Virgin. As part of the event, I donated a star trail image to the auction where the winning bid would be donated to the associated auction charities Annapurna, the Big Change Charitable Trust and The Non Violence Project.  To my delight, Sir Richard took a real shine to my image and ended up placing the final bid for a quiet astonishing amount of money (not to be disclosed!). It was all a bit surreal and even more so after he asked to meet me to let me know how much he loved the shot.

A few days later, Sir Richard posted a blog post on the Virgin website where he wrote,

“Met photographer Philip Field at the Verbier Circus Charity Ball recently, and was lucky enough to place the winning bid on his Star Trail photograph of the Savoleyres Chair Lifts. The artwork now takes pride of place in The Lodge and the We love the incredible use of stars to make a beautiful photo and I’m sure it will bring great pleasure to guests at The Lodge. ”

A real ‘life moment’ for me and one I’ll never forget. Here’s a selection of images of the star trail image hanging proudly in Sir Richard’s chalet in Verbier.

Star Trail image hanging in Richard Branson's Verbier Lodge

Star Trail image hanging in Richard Branson's Verbier Lodge above dinner table

Star Trail image hanging in Richard Branson's Verbier Lodge lounge

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Written By Philip Field

Philip Field is a freelance graphic designer and professional photographer based in Bath in the United Kingdom.