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Adobe Illustrator 1-on-1 workshop

Whether you’ve never used Adobe Illustrator, are an aspiring graphic designer with some initial experience or a confident user who’d like to learn a specific skill, I offer dedicated 1-on-1 Adobe Illustrator workshops from my studio in Bath.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop which is a pixel based image editor, Illustrator creates vector artwork which allows images to be scaled to any size without distortion. This has an abundance of benefits over Photoshop, and for most people this is in creating logos, posters and signage. However, these type of vector graphics are generally made via shapes and paths rather than painting with brushes like in Photoshop.  During my Illustrator workshop, I’ll show you how to master creating vector artwork whilst explaining its key features. Creating layers, aligning and joining artwork, converting pixel based imagery to vectors and setting artwork for professional print are just a few of the skills you’ll learn.

My aim with all my workshops is to tailor them specifically to your needs. If you’ve already got a grip on Illustrator and just want to know how to create a scaled signage design for your business, that’s no problem. If you’re a complete novice, that’s no issue – I’ll explain and show you how to get the most out of Adobe Illustrator.

As with most programmes like Illustrator, there’s always several ways to achieve what you’re after. However, some methods are not necessarily the quickest or best solution. With over 10 years’ professional experience using Illustrator, I’m here to show you how to start out on the right foot. Whether this is making a logo, choosing colours correctly for print or online use or producing artwork to send to an external fabricator/printer, I’ll show you my working practices in a friendly and relaxed training session.

For users looking to use Illustrator for creating posters and flyers, you may also be interested in my InDesign workshop which is another great application to consider..

Workshop rates

All my classes are run privately on a 1-on-1 basis and charged at £45 per hour (no VAT applied).

For new users, an initial session lasting 3-4 hours is usually best to discover the basics and then after some home practice, a further series of 1-2 hour sessions can be booked to develop specific skills. However, please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and I’ll be more than happy to advise on the time and cost needed to achieve your Illustrator aims.

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Juliet Catton – Private Adobe Illustrator pupil

“I worked with Philip to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and he also helped me design my logo. He is a fantastic designer, a wonderful teacher and has such extensive knowledge. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I am very grateful for all his help and the breadth of his work is incredibly impressive.”

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